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Email is one of the most cost effective and?targeted online marketing methods. When done right, it can reward you with a great return on investment (ROI) resulting in new business and customer exposure. Email marketing is extremely valuable when integrated with your overall marketing strategy.


We offer an online newsletter system known as eNews that delivers content straight to your customers’ inbox within seconds so that you can form a long lasting and prosperous business relationship. With eNews, you can send product and service information, promotions, news and events directly to inboxes; all in a template designed specifically for your company.

Our eNews service offers:

  • Custom Designed Template
    Match your branding with a unique and professional look.
  • Subscriber List Import
    Import your existing email contacts.
  • Analytics
    Track how many newsletters are viewed, bounced and how many links were clicked.
  • Copywriting
    Our professional writers will help you craft your message.
  • CASL Compliant
    Online subscribing enables you to remain CASL compliant.

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